Walk Away

What do you do? When you know something’s bad for you, but you still can’t let go. Like a drug, you were my solemn drug. 


The show must go on
Even though your curtains have fallen
This chapter is done
And I’m thankful for the magic.

I didn’t realize the smoke
Was from my own cigarette
I denied myself the truth
To not tear down my sandcastle.

[Chorus A]

If you were the first one to walk away
to let me down with no regret
why am I the one who lose control?
am I addicted to your allure?
I just needed some respect
an explanation to understand
but you gave me indifference
a cold wall to crash my pain
you decided to save yourself
and that was perfectly okay
so now there’s nothing else for me to say
Just to walk away…

You set me free
But there’s a light you can’t handle
This prism in me
Is shinning brighter and brighter.

I am not holding any bad blood
All I got from you was nothing but love
Or that’s what I trust on
Morphine to my suffering

[Chorus B]

But if I was the one that got away
it is because you turned the page
without telling me the end
was I your worst mistake?
I tried my best to hold your breath
to be there for you unconditionally
but that was not enough
I never was
you were amused
I was in love
so there’s nothing else to say
Just to walk away…


Every time I woke in this mourning
I can’t stop screaming at your name
this is over, over, over.
Am I the author of this nightmare?
Did I expect more than you gave me?
I just wanted you to be honest, honest, oh no.
Do you feel like I deserved this?
Don’t justify yourself,
there are no victims,
we were both murderers
but only one can be condemned
so let me be the one to blame
and exile myself to walk away.

There is anger in my core
‘cause I know you were un-impacted
hidden in your own shell
full of joy, full of laughter

[Chorus C]

Then I started walking away
being selfish
saving myself
evolving ‘cause there is so much change
craving ‘cause I wanted to understand
but there is no more time to waste
there are no more verses of you in my desk
but in my heart you rest
every night
in my nightmares
I still call at your name
so the healthiest thing to do
is to walk away from you.


“Walk Away” by Shanna Bruschi.



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