Losing Faith

My body aches
I don’t want to break the bottle
At a temple in nowhere
My worries make a riot

I’m losing faith
I’m tired of this game
I’m losing everything
For a big mistake

Stairs of blood
The blindest side
The night is young
It’s what’s decided

I’m losing faith
I’ve seen the black
A flying bird
In a clumsy hand

I prayed to the god
The one retired
Took back the plot
Of my desires

I’m losing faith
I’m understanding
I love my mom
Dad’s a saviour

Don’t take too much
From light to darkness
The sun will run
Our need of sadness

I’m losing faith
My head is restless
I count to ten
I jump the fences

I’m losing faith
I got the messages
Losers never win
It’s just a dead end.


“Baby Brother” by Chinese artist, Wai Ming (1979).



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