Of Course You Are…

Are you a pessimist?
I’m scared of the clinginess of heart
distracting, avoiding
the awkwardness from despairs and solitude.

Are you cowardly mistaken?
For believing in my words and my youth
guarantying nights where cold won’t reign.

Are you a grounded child?
Weeping the life that has been stolen
stories that a father would not believe
acknowledgments a mother would not receive.

Are you a catholic?
Waiting for sins to be gone
embracing my soft body with your legs
craving insanely through a saint’ soul.

Are you a virgin?
I’m sure you share masks with a demon
you trade some lust for wine
isn’t enough to drink my blood to survive?

Are you self-conscious of your tempestuousness?
The sea of your body drowns my cruelty
my bones are broken inside of you.

Are you a nymphomaniac?
You used to feed from my doubts and my wounds
infecting me, depraving me
making me want you as a wolf seeks for preys and fools.

Are you inaccurate in your truth?
Frankly I cannot hear you anymore
I just wait for a fire to devour
a last sign to be sure.

Are your lies justified?
Forgive me if mine are not.
don’t trust me just hide
I can be hunters and foxes you wouldn’t disguise.

Are you a lover?
Of course you are.

Imagen "Female Nude" por Egon Schiele, 1914.

Imagen “Female Nude” por Egon Schiele, 1914.



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