I walked to the moon and back
I went to your heart, got down
there are so much people now… looking at me.
Don’t make me stare, don’t get me lost
into that light you shine.
Just sing me to sleep
just sing me to sleep tonight,
‘cause the sun won’t rise again
and my hands refuse to leave your waist
my mind is just another empty space.
Don’t talk to me,
don’t spread your thoughts
just kiss my lips,
just fill my mouth with the soul I sold.
So many years,
not enough tears
only one smile that remains unfold.
Unpredictably, unconsciously, squalidly;
all of my friends are gone
living their lives,
waiting that death doesn’t come before happiness.
But I am still here
just waiting to sleep, waiting to dream
so please just sing me to sleep,
sing me to sleep just for tonight
‘cause tomorrow all of my sorrows will disappear
just like I will… Probably,


Imagen “Serenity Uncovered” por Horacio Cardozo, 2009.



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