Oh Charlie you are my best friend
You tried to tell me all the things
I couldn’t tell myself
I read all of your letters
Every sunday under the tree
And I could feel all the weight
Of you trying to be me.

Oh Charlie don’t feel lonely again
I used to live those crazy things
You’re trying to forget
I wake up to check the mailbox
Like a therapy to forgive
And for a moment I wouldn’t regret
That you used to be me.

Oh Charlie stop running away
I’ve been doing it all of these years
Just to get nowhere but here
To avoid is not an answer
Isolation just make it worst
Remember all the things you learnt
‘Cause you get what you deserve.

Oh Charlie you’re not my best friend
You’re just an old reflection
Of the fears I want to forget.

Oh Charlie just don’t get lost again
These days are so much better now
Believe me, we’re okay.

Old typewriter keys. ©Robin Nelson



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